About Mr Whippy Ice Cream

About Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Here you can find all you need to know about how we started to where we are now.

The Start

It all started way back in the 1960’s for us. With one of the family members of the Humphries family. Who originally worked for Cadbury’s the now well known chocolate makers. Who also make the infamous ice cream product still known to date the 99. One of his friends also working there at the time decided to leave to start up his own Ice Cream Van business. He rented a van off a local Cheshire based company, he managed to persuade the Humphries family member to follow suit and rent his first ever Ice Cream Van.

His first ever van was based on a 1960’s Commer painted in the Blue & White Mister Softee colours.

About Mr Whippy Ice Cream

After working round the streets all his life, two of his children decided to go into the family business following in their fathers foot steps. Sadly the father passed away in 1999 at the young age of 61. His two sons continued to provide the streets of Cheshire and Manchester with delicious Mr Whippy Ice Cream for the many years to follow.

About Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Here & Now

Still to this very day in 2018. The two sons have continued to follow in their fathers footsteps. Carrying on serving Ice Cream on the same street and round he once did. Now though in 2018 the sons of the two brothers have started to take the reigns and follow in their Grandfathers footsteps by taking on their Grandfathers Ice Cream round. Since then as the street trade started fizzle away and just about provided enough income for the family to continue, they had to stay with the 21st century and modernise.

About Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Gone are the old days and in with the new. Setting up as a Limited company and providing the biggest events in UK with there quality and professional Ice Cream Van Hire service. The Humphries family business continues to grow stronger with every passing year. Setting up in this modern age of social media pages and websites has only helped them grow. The reputation they have built up throughout the UK, has enabled the company to grow from strength to strength.

Now operating one of the biggest fleet of Mercedes Ice Cream Vans in. We are proud to be able to provide our services nationwide. This is ensuring the family tradition that started all those years ago is continued to date. Now proudly a 3rd Generation family run business, and continuing to grow to great strengths. It can only continue to snowball for hopefully many more years to come.

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