2018 Photo Favourites

As we head into the last few months, we are taking a look back at some of our 2018 Photo Favourites. From weddings to Carnivals to Music Festivals. We have seen our fair share of regular work and of course some new events we hope to keep attending in the future.

Under each photo we will explain where and what the van was doing. These are only a handful of all the photos taken across the year. It was too hard to choose.

2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites 2018 Photo Favourites


2018 Photo Favourites

Starting from the top down.


No.1 // This was taken at one of many steam rallies we attend through out the UK. The show consist of around 8 shows up and down the country. As you can see from the photo we have one of the gorgeous engines just in front of one of our vans on the show around the main arena.

No.2 // This photo obviously was taken during the night time. It was at a Corporate Event we attended. The company have a staff treat annually and as well as having us each year they definitely know how to treat the staff to a good time. A full funfair and open bar plus live music. This is always a good one to be involved in.

No.3 // Race day, as you can see from the giant grand stand behind the van. We attended the John Smith Cup. This was a gorgeous red hot day and everyone there from the looks of what we could see definitely had a great day.

No.4 // This was a great family fun day. It was a bike ride set through Manchester city centre. A great way to encourage all the family to stay active in a fun environment.

2018 Photo Favourites

No. 5 // Another one of many Corporate Days we regularly attend. This was in a gorgeous park in London, because the company who hired us are really trying to clamp down on the carbon footprint they leave. We were able to plug into a electric facility allowing us to run via a green source of energy. Instead of having to run our engine on idle producing a low amount of emissions.

No.6 // Self explanatory, Keeping them fuelled for the days work ahead.

No.7 // Again another corporate client providing some tasty cooling treats in the red hot summers days. Not only to staff but to the customers there also. This went down really well with them !

No.8 // Again some of our clients want us to maybe park indoors like this photo. With us being indoors obviously if we were to run the engine health and safety wouldn’t allow this. So with us having the state of the art technology. It allows us to operate indoors and enclosed spaces on electric. Just another reason why we are one of the best.

No.8 // Finally one from a Music festival. We attended Parklife festival in Manchester. We were apart of the VIP Section. Again they didn’t want the engine being run so our useful electric capability allowed us to provide our service but making sure they got what they wanted.