Mr Whippy Events Catering

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Look no further if your trying to look for a professional company. We can take the full ice cream catering concession for your event. With a nationwide fleet at the ready to provide you with our world famous Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Along with other well known brands such as the original Slush Puppie.

Our high quality Mercedes Benz vehicles will not only offer another outlet to ease queuing times. It also will add a great image for your event with our great looking vehicles.

As most of our fleet are no older than 3 years old. It means they are equipped with the latest ultra low emissions Euro 6 engines. Meaning they are very very Eco friendly and emit minimal levels of pollution. After all no one wants too see a van smoking away fuming the customers out.

Mr Whippy Events Catering

Mr Whippy Events Catering

So what can we provide you with. Well as briefly mentioned above most of our fleet is 3 years old or newer. They are all equipped with the very latest technology for out industry. Meaning we can provide high volumes of our special Mr Whippy Ice Cream making sure the quality of the product doesn’t decline at peak times.

Other impulse lines such as cold drinks and slush are also on offer as well as ice lollies. We try and offer as much of a variety as possible and accommodate all allergies and religions as possible. So available at all times are Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and many more to make sure there is something for everyone.

Our highly trained staff are all aware of allergies in every product and if the customer just asks we can provide a allergy sheet so they can double check all ingredients in any of our products.

Mr Whippy Events Catering

All our staff are DBS checked so you and your events are safe with us. You know exactly who we are and all certificates are carried on the vehicles and can be shown on request. After all why shouldn’t you make sure all the public in attendance are safe.

Another way we can make sure everyone stays safe is providing the cleanest possible vehicles. This is shown by our 5 ***** Star Food Hygiene Rating that we make sure we get on each and everyone of our vehicles. Again this can be clearly seen with the stickers on our windows and again the certificates on request carried on the vehicles.

Mr Whippy Events Catering

So what do we cater for. From large music festivals & shows that have 50,000 people plus. This requires a fleet of specialist vehicles which we have. Our fleet consists at anyone time of over 15+ vehicles so when you need half a dozen units to make sure the 50,000 plus can all be served. This isn’t a issue for us.

We not only have the specialist vehicles but also the staff power to make sure our units run at 100% efficiency. We can have two staff members easily serve side by side cutting peak queuing times to max 15 minutes. Each vehicle can on average serve around 800-1200 items per hour.

This is key to making sure that the 50,000 attending don’t start getting frustrated when there is a queue at every food and ice cream outlet there.

After all if we keep the public happy it makes us happy too. Every item served by our professional fully uniformed staff will always be top quality. As mentioned at peak times we don’t drop the quality of our service to compensate for serving times.

It isn’t just large events we specialise in. We attend many smaller local family events. Such as local charity events where we will donate up to 30% of the takings back to the charity. Or Sports tournaments from football to rugby as well as hockey. You name it we can provide our services for you.

Weddings have become ever more popular for us. So its a huge rang of services we specialise in.

If you would like to enquire for your event. Head to the Get a Quote Page and simply follow the form out.

We aim to reply with in 24 hours. Please make sure you provide as much information as possible as it helps speed up the process.

Mr Whippy Events Catering

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