Music Festivals 2018

All Music Festivals 2018 will need catering. Whether that is food, coffee bars etc. Just as important as those mentioned is Mr Whippy Ice Cream. Being able to offer our excellent range of products in mass but keeping the quality is something we do daily. We have been apart of many Music Festivals and 2018 will be no different.

Catering for crowds in excess of 100,000 people over numerous days is what we specialise in. Having the the new modern fleet which can cope with any amount of crowds is key. Not as important as our highly trained staff. With some vans allowing 2 staff to serve simultaneously. This keeps queuing time to a minimum. All in full uniform and DBS checked you can trust us and know you are in capable hands.

Music Festivals 2018

Music Festivals 2018

So if you are the event organiser, catering manager. You name it anyway involved in any type of Music Festivals. Head over to our Get a Quote Page. Simply fill the form and we will get back in touch. If you work on a Pitch fee or Percentage this isn’t an issue for us as we can work any way to suit your event. Be safe and in the know that by using us. That you will not be disappointed.


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