Mr Whippy Fleet Update 2018

Every year we are always looking to try and upgrade our fleet. So the Mr Whippy Fleet Update 2018 is a great way for you all to see year on year how we progress and make sure we provide you all with the very best. Keeping our fleet ultra modern not only gives us peace of mind for reliability but also provides our customers the best looking Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans.

So this years Mr Whippy Fleet Update 2018 is gaining great progress. Our latest specialist vehicle is well underway and hopefully will be ready in the not distance future. As you can see from the photo below. The main Mondial Lusso body has been joined to the New Euro 6 Mercedes Benz Chassis. The Mr Whippy machine base is in along with the Latest Rapida 2 machine. Along with those some of the shelving and the chiller and fridge units are in.

Which means apart from a few other bits and the signature Mr Whippy Ice Cream Livery it doesn’t have too much left to do.

Mr Whippy Fleet Update 2018


Mr Whippy Fleet Update 2018

As well as always trying to keep you up to date on out fleet upgrades and updates. We are always trying to keep you informed on the coming year. To make sure your event is attended by the Uk’s no.1 Mr Whippy Ice Cream Hire service we always try and make you aware that the earlier you book us the more likely we are able to attend. As with anything in the summer months everyone wants us at the same time.

So head over to the Get a Quote Page and simply follow the steps on there.


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