Salford Student Union

Salford Student Union who we work closely with hired one of our Mr Whippy ice Cream Vans. To help them with the flash general election called by the prime minister. Salford Student Union to encourage students to register to vote had us hand out free ice creams to the ones who did. They just simply had to either show proof they had already registered. Or fill out the registration form there and then, a 5 minute job.

Salford Student Union

If they did this they were given the choice of a free Mr Whippy Ice Cream, Slush or ice lolly. A very simple but effective way which many student unions chose to do. Across the country we helped many University’s achieve there goals by using this method.

Salford Student Union

If you are the president or have any events at a University that you need our services for. then simply head over to our Get a Quote Page. Follow the steps on there and we will be back in touch with in the same day.

With our company trying to work hard and closely with the education sector we can guarantee the very best rates as we always try and encourage anything and promote education as much as possible.

You can read more about what services we can offer for schools, colleges, high schools & University’s on our University Ice Cream Van Hire Post.

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