Oldham Primary School Treat

We provide nationwide coverage for Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van Hire. A Oldham Primary School Treat for year the year 6 pupils. With it being the nationwide testing week for primary schools. Many of the primary schools were looking at ways to treat the pupils for there hard work and effort.

What better way to a treat year 6 class than having there very own Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van park in the playground and serve them tasty treats. The Oldham Primary School Treat was for this reason. As you can see from the group photo they had. It’s clear they all loved it with all of them fronting a huge smile.

The pupils from this class were very lucky. The primary school had paid for them to have two things each. So many chose a delicious Mr Whippy Ice Cream then to wash it down with super cold slush puppy.

Oldham Primary School Treat

Oldham Primary School Treat

As we continue to work closely with Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges & Universities. We always try and encourage education and help to support this by offering the very best prices for these such events. From early ages right up to university with out the support from all the teachers family and friends many wouldn’t be able to see it through as stress and other factors start to discourage them. So by showing our support and trying to give something back even a small gesture of a traditional 99 with sauce hopefully it will help them stop and think about how all the hard work will eventually pay off.

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