X factor Manchester

We closely work with many television companies and ITV are one. Over the years we have provided our tasty Mr Whippy Ice Cream to ITV for numerous shows. Such as Coronation Street, Jeremy Kyle and of course the X Factor.

X Factor Manchester

The X Factor Manchester auditions took place at the Lancashire cricket ckub and with us having the best nationwide fleet of Ice Cream Vans For Hire they gave us a call. We arrived there with many members of the public already there queuing up at 8am. Trying to be one of the first to audition. We had been told we would be there till around 3pm depending if they managed to get everything filmed that then needed. With this being television the times can change dramatically if nothing goes to plan.

X Factor Manchester

As we began to set up and organise our self. Eventually starting to serve the odd ones who wanted cold drinks to try and sooth there throats. To make sure they could sing at there peak.

As the hours ticked by and filming was well underway. We began to start serving more and more. Many of them pointing to the the things they wanted trying to save there voices for the audition.

X Factor Manchester

Continuing we were told by one of the producers would it be okay if they did some filming. Most of all with the van to be possibly shown when the X Factor Manchester finally air’s. Of course this wasn’t a issue and our staff who were working that day told us they had a great time. Also they said it was good to see everyone involved including us. As always we hop to continue to work with X Factor Manchester and make sure you keep an eye out for us when the show is aired.

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