Kellogg’s Manchester

With us providing the best solution for Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van Hire. Our Office Call Out service is becoming increasingly popular with many companies.

Kellogg’s Manchester gave us a call to book us to provide the staff at the Kellogg’s Manchester HQ. With work loads increasing for staff members one way companies can try and help encourage and reward staff. Is too think outside the box and this is where we come into it, by hiring one of our modern vans to come to your workplace.

There is minimal disruption to work inside the office. Our highly trained staff and modern equipment means hundreds of staff members can be served in minimal time. Another way we can work it is by staggering the staff coming out. Collecting there free Mr Whippy treat provided by the company so only 10 or so are ever away from the desk at once.

If you want to treat your staff or whole office. Head over to our Get a Quote Page and simply fill out the form.

Kellogg's Manchester

Kellogg’s Manchester

With this in mind this is why we are and continue to be the nationwide best Ice Cream Van Hire Service.

It was also our suggestion we sent one of our vans to them. More specifically because our livery is based on a tiger theme. Obviously only the most famous tigers get to be seen on our vans. Of course one of the most famous tigers in the world is Tony the tiger who is a Kellogg’s company member.

With this is mind and turning up on the day to see everyone’s faces was a picture in itself. Of course our tiger is called John who is of course his big brother.

Kellogg's Manchester


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