Fleet Update

With time slowly coming closer to summer we are in full swing of getting all the final touched prepared, One is how the Fleet update is transitioning and with March fast approaching we decided it was time to take another visit to see how the new van was coming along.

We were pleasantly surprised on how far in the process it had gotten since our last visit as it had now been into the paint booth and had the many base coats on and our famous tiger stripes airbrushed on also. They had even gotten round to some of the sign writing and it was certainly looking very special.

Fleet Update

Fleet Update

Fleet Update

As we have opted for a slightly different van to what you have seen in the past and this is a first of it’s kind we are certain that this will be a even bigger head turner than normal just because of how unique it is and the different take on it we have had done. With us constantly looking of ways to achieve a Fleet Update buying new vans is one way but also just updating vans we have already had whether that be a fresh lick of paint or some new upgrades on the van we don’t ever just rest on what we have. We are trying to build the most reputable and respectful Ice Cream Van Hire Company possible.

We have a sneak peak above of the van and how it’s getting along, we know it’s exciting and you want to see as much as possible but until the van is fully finished now we won’t be posting a full shot of the van just some smaller photos of art work on the body etc just to try and keep it a big surprise for everyone.

Follow the Fleet Update story Here, and see the process from start to finish how how one of our wonderful Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans are produced and hand crafted.

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