Mr Whippy Van Update

Mr Whippy Van Update

Mr Whippy Van Update

We had some free time from getting the fleet all organised and prepared for the forthcoming year to manage to go and see how the newest member of the fleet was getting on (Mr Whippy Van Update) It was really exciting to see as last time we were at the factory the chassis and new body had never even so much as touched each other, so to see what we saw was great and just shows how quickly things can change.

The body has now been mounted and secured to our preferred chassis choice the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the final stages of the prep stage were in place making sure all the wiring was in the correct places so they could be hidden out of site once the van is complete and a few other bits and pieces such as the hinges being given time to secure correctly. Follow the whole process HERE from start to finish.

Mr Whippy Van Update

Mr Whippy Van Update

So in the meantime as we wait until further news of the update and process off the van we here we just keep getting prepared all the vans serviced, machines, slush machines and all that fun stuff we have to do here behind the scenes to help make us as reliable and professional as possible so when we do start getting last minute emails and phone calls for bookings we have the peace of mind we won’t be ringing anyone to cancel as we have broke down.

If you are planning any kind of event

Football/Rugby Tournament

Corporate Event

Private Function


Fun Day

Charity Fundraiser

School / College / University Open Days

Then head over to the Get a Quote page and fill in the form there, it’s a simple process and we will have one of our office team reply shorty.

Think in advance, we always every year tell how important it is to get booked in as soon as you can, even with a fleet as big as ours we get fully booked up fairly quickly.

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