North West Ice Cream Van Hire

Looking for a ice cream van to hire in the North west area?

Look no further we can supply you with a fleet of Mr whippy ice cream vans or just the one depending on the size an type of event. We cover all majors areas throughout the North West area and over the many years of trading in and around here have built up a reputation for being the best providers of North West Ice Cream Van Hire services.

North West ice cream van hire

Office Ice Cream Van Hire

North West ice cream van hire

Manchester Salford University

North West ice cream hire

North West ice cream van hire

Whether it’s a

– Music Festival

– Office Call Out

– Fun Day

– Charity Event

– Football / Rugby Tournaments

and much more we have a modern fleet of Mercedes Benz ice cream vans with all the latest and greatest technology and equipment that the industry has to offer to cope with a large crowd no problem, our fully and highly trained team of staff can cope with any situation thrown at them.

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Plan ahead

As you can imagine North West ice cream van hire can be a very busy area for us so if you can always try and plan ahead to avoid disappointment. Try and at least a couple of weeks before to get your event booked in as it will only help yourself not getting as stressed not knowing if you can get a Mr whippy ice cream van at the very last minute to attend.

See here for more info on hiring one of our vans for the north west area HERE


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