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Music Event Hire

Music Event Hire pride or self in professional and quality service. Operating since the 1960’s this has gained us a reputation we must keep. With this has seen us year after year keep growing and growing with our Music Event Hire. We have many new shows who come to us then end up coming back year on year.

Music Event Hire

We try to make the process of hiring our company effortless and smooth. So you and the customers can just enjoy the ice cream on the date you have hired us. We try to be diverse in what products we offer, we are always looking of new products to add each year so there is always a wide variety for all to enjoy. Vegan, Vegetarian etc is some of the products we offer.

We don’t just do this with our products. Doing this with our fleet as well, always looking to add new technology that is available. Making us the best. With the addition of our brand new vehicles this is living proof we are always trying to invest back into our company. Our fleet have been fitted with the state of the art super silent electric motor to run all the machines without the engine running. This allows us to cater for in door events. Or park in hangars and such enclosed spaces most things wouldn’t be allowed too.

With this and the British weather being so unpredictable. Events are heading indoors. So when the event does have rubbish weather it doesn’t have to suffer and not be able to have all the usual things attend. We can now proudly offer our services to in doors. As mentioned parking in arena’s, Huge Festival Tents you name it we can adapt for you.

Music Event Hire

Music Event Hire

We cater for many large Music Evetns across the UK and have seen our fare share of great shows, but just because we have done these larges shows doesn’t mean we have shied away from the smaller events. We have always tried to accommodate all kinds of new events over the years from

Local Family Festivals

One off Charity fund raisers

Plus More. . .

Music Event Hire

Music Event Hire

So what ever event you may have planned get in touch today fill out the Get a Quote Page and one of the office staff will be back in touch. Helping you all the way through the process of hiring one of our ice cream vans and all the options available.

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