Posted by on April 1, 2018

Mr Whippy Cheshire Is Live

Mr Whippy Cheshire Is Live, we have just launched our sister company. The head office based in Cheshire allows them to concentrate on providing just the areas in and around Cheshire. With the best Mr Whippy Ice Cream in Cheshire our every growing fleet now can accommodate even more events.

Corporate Events


Sports Tournaments


Fun Days

Open Days

Charity Events

What ever you require us for we are more than happy to discuss details with you.

Mr Whippy Cheshire Is Live

Mr Whippy Cheshire Is Live

To keep confusion to a minimum. The whole emailing system will all end up in our Head office in Manchester. As and when we receive emails they will then be forwarded to the correct department. From time to time we may encounter some issues as with any technology. To avoid anything like this we do our best. Not all the time we can prevent it though. So you can also contact us via our social media pages.

If you require and further information then please do have a read around the website as as much as we can was provided for your benefit.