Posted by on November 18, 2017

Mr Whippy Fleet Update

Mr Whippy Fleet Update. As many who read the blog regularly we always mention about being the best. This not only comes with hard work from each member of our team but also our amazing tasting Mr Whippy.

Mr Whippy Fleet Update

Without good products and great staff working in our specialist vehicles we wouldn’t be anything. Our aim where possible is to always try and keep working for the future. By replacing some of our older vehicles we can minimise breakdowns improve reliability and improve our carbon footprint.

Mr Whippy Fleet Update

As well as all above the overall look and image which we are striving for is key. Our professional and more sleek paint with some characters added for the children all ties in nicely. With the few vehicles we are in the process of being built we are slightly tweaking the Mr Whippy Ice Cream Livery.

We will continue to update you all as ever so keep your eyes peeled.


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