Posted by on August 1, 2017

Sheffield College

Sheffield College invited us down as part of the #Gernerationvote campaign. With the student unions around the country trying to get as many students to sign up as possible. One way they thought of encouraging them to do so was to hire a Ice Cream Van.

Sheffield College

By using us as a platform and the ease ability of working with us it created a great base for Sheffield College to start from. As the student union members started approaching students and putting it on social media. The inevitable happened and we soon had a good 30 or so students for a few hours straight constantly coming up to claim there free ice cream.

Sheffield College

This isn’t the first time we have worked along side¬†Sheffield College. We also have catered for end of term celebrations and fun days. With us just turning up and not needing anything to operate. It appeals to many as we can move around easily if needs be without having to wait hours for equipment to stop etc as say a bouncy castle would or other things. So with us being able to offer a very hassle free way to provide something at a very quick rate. Of course also handing out free Mr Whippy Ice Cream who wouldn’t like the sound of that.

Sheffield College

If you are apart of a Student Union or just need to hire one of our specialist vehicles. Then head over to our Get a Quote Page and follow the steps there.


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