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New Ice Cream Van

New Ice Cream Van

New Ice Cream Van

It’s always great to share our exciting news with you all, and on this occasion it doesn’t get any better than this. As the title says and you probably guessed we will be welcoming in March 2017 a brand new ice cream van to our fleet. We are always trying to push and progress into a eco friendly running environment and upgrading our fleet is one of our priorities.

With lots of hard work from everyone here at Mr Whippy ice Cream this always gives us a head start in trying to acquire the funds to purchase one of these specialist vehicles. This time around the new ice cream van will be slightly different to the one we took delivery on in March of this year, with out giving to much away until the final finished van we can assure you it will be like nothing you have seen before.

As always upgrading any fleet or infrastructure of a company it takes time and this is something we have taken into consideration and will be working as hard as possible to do so in the least amount of time to try and get the company to be running as green as possible. With the new ice cream vans the latest Euro 6 engines from Mercedes Benz offer a great starting point to build from, low emissions good fuel economy these are a few things that will help us try and become more eco friendly. Also us having fitted electric hook up systems which allows us to be powered via electricity will save us having to power not only the vans engine with diesel but also we can power all the ice cream equipment onboard through this also adding to our aim of becoming as eco friendly as possible.

New Ice Cream Van

Updates of the new ice cream van in the  building process will be posted so you can have a sneak peak into how these great machines work and also shows off the craftsmanship and building skills that we can truly say are British made. or you can follow us on our social media to keep upto date on all the events and news.


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