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Branded Promotional Ice Cream Vans

As part of a promotional campaign we can offer the very best completely bespoke solutions where one or several of our modern vehicles can be fully or partly branded to get the message across. A branded ice cream van is fast becoming the most rapidly growing advertising sector and a very unique way to target new or existing customers.

Branded promotional ice cream vans from Mr Whippy Ice Cream LtdĀ Ice can transform the way in which you communicate with your target audience. Everyone knows and loves the Mr Whippy Ice Cream vans and adding your brand to one to offer a specific product is becoming a very successful way of doing this.

Branded Promotional Ice Cream Vans

Branded Promotional Ice Cream Vans

According to an independent survey a vehicle will be seen on average by around 3000 people every hour so imagine the response when an ice cream van branded in your design is giving away free ice cream and promoting your products.

We have huge experience in the is area and we will happily become part of your campaign and help to ensure maximum client exposure for the brand promotion. As well as the vehicle being wrapped in full brand livery, the highly trained staff members sent a long to help can also wear a uniform with your brand on or product, we can even have custom ice cream tubs made so when we give the ice cream away people will see your brand on the ice cream tub!

Branded Promotional Ice Cream Vans

Branded Promotional Ice Cream Vans


Add another dimension to your advertising campaign.

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